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Taylor, N., Clarke, L., Skelly, M. and Nevay, S. (2018). Strategies for engaging communities in creating physical civic technologies. Proceedings of CHI 2018, ACM, 507. doi:10.1145/3173574.3174081

Taylor, N. and Clarke, L. (2018). Everybody’s hacking: participation and the mainstreaming of hackathons. Proceedings of CHI 2018, ACM, 172. doi:10.1145/3173574.3173746

Taylor, N., Clarke, L. and Gorkovenko, K. (2017). Community Inventor Days: scaffolding grassroots innovation with maker events. Proceedings of DIS 2017, ACM, 1201–1212. doi:10.1145/3064663.3064723

Gorkovenko, K., Taylor, N. and Rogers, J. (2017). Social Printers: a physical social network for political debates. Proceedings of CHI 2017, ACM, 2269–2281. doi:10.1145/3025453.3025611 (Honorable Mention Award)

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Gorkovenko, K. and Taylor, N. (2016). Politics at home: second screen behaviours and motivations during TV debates. Proceedings of NordiCHI 2016, ACM, 22. doi:10.1145/2971485.2971514

Taylor, N., Hurley, U. and Connolly, P. (2016). Making community: the wider role of makerspaces in public life. Proceedings of CHI 2016, ACM, 1415–1425. doi:10.1145/2858036.2858073

Johnson, I.G., Vines, J., Taylor, N., Jenkins, E. and Marshall, J. (2016). Reflections on deploying distributed consultation technologies with community organisations. Proceedings of CHI 2016, ACM, 2945–2957. doi:10.1145/2858036.2858098 (Honorable Mention Award)

Taylor, N., Bartindale, T., Vines, J. and Olivier, P. (2014). Exploring delegate engagement with an augmented conference. Proceedings of UbiComp 2014, ACM, 835–845, doi:10.1145/2632048.2632068.

Vlachokyriakos, V., Comber, R., Ladha, K., Taylor, N., Dunphy, P., McCorry, P. and Olivier, P. (2014). PosterVote: expanding the action repertoire for local political activism. Proceedings of DIS 2014, ACM, 795–804, doi:10.1145/2598510.2598523.

Taylor, N. (2014). Supporting community participation in interactive exhibits. Proceedings of PerDis 2014, ACM, 74–79, doi:10.1145/2611009.2611031.

Taylor, N., Frohlich, D., Egglestone, P., Marshall, J., Rogers, J., Blum-Ross, A., Mills, J., Shorter, M. and Olivier, P. (2014). Utilising insight journalism for community technology design. Proceedings of CHI 2014, ACM, 2995–3004, doi:10.1145/2556288.2557054.

Wood, G., Vines, J., Balaam, M., Taylor, N., Smith, T., Crivellaro, C., Mensah, J., Limon, H., Challis, J., Anderson, L., Clarke, A. and Wright, P. (2014). The Department of Hidden Stories: playful digital storytelling for children in a public library. Proceedings of CHI 2014, ACM, 1885–1896, doi:10.1145/2556288.2557034.

Taylor, N., Cheverst, K., Wright, P. and Olivier, P. (2013). Leaving the wild: lessons from community technology handovers. Proceedings of CHI 2013, ACM, 1549–1558, doi:10.1145/2470654.2466206. (Honorable Mention Award)

Memarovic, N., Langheinrich, M., Cheverst, K., Taylor, N. and Alt, F. (2013). P-LAYERS — a layered framework addressing the multi-faceted issues facing community-supporting public display deployments. ACM Transactions on Computer–Human Interaction 20(3), 17, doi:10.1145/2491500.2491505.

Taylor, N. and Cheverst, K. (2012). Supporting community awareness with situated displays. IEEE Computer 45(5), 26–32, doi:10.1109/MC.2012.113.

Taylor, N., Marshall, J., Blum-Ross, A., Mills, J., Rogers, J., Egglestone, P., Frohlich, D.M., Wright, P. and Olivier, P. (2012). Viewpoint: empowering communities with situated voting devices. Proceedings of CHI 2012, ACM, 1361–1370, doi:10.1145/2207676.2208594.

Taylor, N. and Cheverst, K. (2011). Rural communities and pervasive advertising. Pervasive Advertising, Springer, 269–286, doi:10.1007/978-0-85729-352-7_13.

Taylor, N. and Cheverst, K. (2010). Creating a rural community display with local engagement. Proceedings of DIS 2010, ACM, 218–227, doi:10.1145/1858171.1858209.

Taylor, N. and Cheverst, K. (2009). Social interaction around a rural community photo display. International Journal of Human–Computer Studies 67(12), 1037–1047, doi:10.1016/j.ijhcs.2009.07.006.

Taylor, N., Cheverst, K., Fitton, D., Race, N.J.P., Rouncefield, M. and Graham, C. (2007). Probing communities: study of a village photo display. Proceedings of OZCHI 2007, ACM, 17–24, doi:10.1145/1324892.1324896. (Runner-Up, Best Paper)