Sagacity was a visualisation designed to prompt reflection on the mental wellbeing of a city. Based around a Periodic Table of Emotions, Sagacity scanned Twitter for words relating to emotion in the local area and illuminated the relevant emotion, which then faded out over time, creating a constantly shifting map of the city’s mood.

Working with artist Aidan Moesby and DCA’s Clive Gilman, Sagacity was commissioned as part of a series of artworks around Project Ginsberg. While Ginsberg itself was designed to support reflection on personal wellbeing, we expanded this approach out to consider an entire city. After iterating through various visualisations and data sources, the final design was launched at the Edinburgh Science Festival in 2015, and has subsequently been exhibited at major events including the Great Exhibition of the North and Durham Lumiere Festival.


Sagacity project captures Dundee’s online emotions. The Scotsman, 7th October 2015.

Funding Details

Funded by New Media Scotland’s Alt-W fund with support from the Scottish Government.