BinCamBinCam was designed to explore how social networking could be used to create behavioural change. A camera in the bin’s lid took a photo each time it was closed, which was uploaded to Facebook. This was intended to improve recycling and food waste behaviour through a variety of persuasive mechanisms.

I was involved in the second phase of the project, in which the system was redesigned to promote use of the Facebook application to increase engagement with the system. This was achieved through increasing aspects of gamification, such as challenges and achievements, and engagement with a ‘BinMan’ character.

Key Publications

Comber, R., Thieme, A., Rafiev, A., Taylor, N., Krämer, N. and Olivier, P. (2013). BinCam: designing for engagement with Facebook for behavior changeProceedings of INTERACT 2013, Springer, 99–115. doi:10.1007/978-3-642-40480-1_7.