Research Blog

It’s been a while since I had a blog. I think I first tried when I was about to go to university, but it’s fair to say that nothing of value was ever written there. I gave it another stab when I registered this domain and became briefly obsessed with Google products and RSS feeds. For the longest time, the main driver of traffic towards my site was an essay about why I thought this new thing called Facebook was kinda neat.

This week I was catching up with a friend who asked if there was anything she could read about what I’m up to at the moment (no really), and the short answer was “no”. A while back I put a bit of effort into writing up summary pages for various projects I’ve been involved in, but I think a lot of the most exciting stuff falls into the gap somewhere between a project being defined and a paper being published.

So I’m going to post here infrequently about project progress, events and other research activities that get lost amongst all the grumbling and whimsy on Twitter — if nothing else, it’s nice to crack out the first person pronouns for a change.

More writing to do, then.